The Korean routine to heal your skin gracefully so you can achieve that natural glow from within.


In Korea, the word mein represents a beautiful person – but it is more than just an aesthetically pleasing face.

Mein40 follows the traditional wisdom that nurturing inner qualities, like humility and self-preservation, will bring you the essence of a naturally beautiful skin glow.

Your skin will transform with the clean high quality ingredients along with skilled hands-on techniques that reshape your face without cosmetic surgery. The results are sustained through thoughtful care and by embodying practices instilled with mein40.

Why the Korean way

The Korean way of skincare is made accessible for
all women to glow from within.

With Anita, she shares her Korean skincare practices learnt from other Korean skin experts, promotes ingredients through tea and skincare and cultivates habits for your skin to radiate for a natural and graceful ageing journey.

The absence of gratuities is a part of the Korean way as high standards of care are given to all and words of appreciation and gratitude are embedded within the Korean culture.

what’s included

Your skin’s health is our goal.

With our membership, you will benefit from a consistent skincare regime planned into your life.

Enjoy an intense Korean skin treatment plus a curated selection of organic, non-toxic, and healthy skincare products to improve your skin instantly and keep you glowing every month.

Your monthly Korean Essence Skin Treatment

– Korean Tea ritual with ingredients to enhance inner benefits

– elevated Korean Double Cleanse that will promote muscle lift and circulation

– Facial cupping or Guasha treatment

– 1 add-on of your choice (LED infrared light treatment, Contouring LED green light, Microcurrent or a hydrating Korean sheet mask infused with the latest skin ingredient used in Korean spas)

– 15% Exclusive discount on skincare products (all products are curated thoughtfully with clean and high quality ingredients)

– Skincare product gift for birthday month or 25% discount

– Bring one friend each month at member pricing

– Monthly glow demonstrations, tips, and Korean traditional skin lessons

– Discounted group workshops: hands on learning of a Korean skincare routine, Korean facial cupping or guasha workshops


Your Korean essence skin treatment includes:

  • a tea ritual,
  • an elevated double cleanse,
  • choice of: facial cupping or guasha and
  • an add-on: LED or mask
  • application of full skincare


Your Korean skin essence membership includes:

  • monthly Korean essence treatment
  • product discounts
  • individual skin consultation and recommendations
  • tips for maintaining the skin glow

Membership is a 12-month commitment, if you miss a month the balance can be used towards product purchases or other service appointments.

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