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Facial Cupping and Gua Sha Treatment by Anita of mein40 in Oakville, Ontario
Experience Korean Skincare Routines

Time to take care of your skin.

Each treatment session is performed by Anita (a certified facial cupping professional) and includes:

🌟 Skin assessment

🌟 Choice of high quality clean skincare – Beautycounter (EWG verified North American brand) or Incellderm (Korean skincare brand based on stem cell technology)

🌟 Choice of facial cupping or Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage, improved skin health and stimulating circulation

🌟 Choice of one add-on: microcurrent or LED treatment using Korean beauty technology devices and targeted based upon skin concern. Scroll down for descriptions. 

Treatments are provided in Oakville and can be booked online. Payments Required for Packages of 5 to Secure Your Appointment. Payments for single session appointments will be collected on the day of your appointment. 24Hrs notice is required for cancellation or you will be subject to a 50% service fee. Early morning and late evening options are available.

Holistic Skin Care Cream - Facial Cupping & Gua Sha Treatment Near Me, Oakville, ON

Double Cleanse plus Facial cupping or Gua Sha Treatment + One Add-On Service (1 hour) (Single Session) $85.00 + hst

Tibetan Bowls - Facial Cupping & Gua Sha Treatment Near Me, Oakville, ON

Double Cleanse plus Facial cupping or Gua Sha Treatment + One Add-On (1 hour) (5 Session Package) $276.25 + hst (SAVE %35)

Korean Skincare Beauty Treatment Add-On Descriptions:

KoreanAge R Booster Treatment available at mein40 in Oakville

Korean Age-R Booster (Glass skin and glow)

This device elevates our skin’s natural radiance by increasing the absorption rate of key skincare ingredients. This is how Koreans obtain the “glass” skin – translucent, clear and bright. Made famous by Hailey Bieber, noticeable change to eliminate dullness within 5 minutes with consistent use. Experience it for yourself!

Korean Derma EMS Shot available at mein40 in Oakville

Korean Derma EMS Shot (Face Contouring)

A Korean beauty device for skin elasticity care that leverages from electrical muscle stimulation. Helps to improve facial contour/features and definition from the inside out by gently massaging and stimulating sub-dermal muscles using medium-frequency-energy.

Korean ATS Air Shot Treatment available at mein40 in Oakville

Korean ATS Air Shot (Pore Cleanse) 

A needle-free device that helps to refine pores using the technology called “toning poration” developed in South Korea by Medicube. It helps to shrink pores and improve skin’s texture while accelerating absorption of skincare ingredients.

Korean Ussera Deep Shot  Treatment available at mein40 in Oakville

Korean Ussera Deep Shot (Volume and Elasticity) 

Beauty home care for collagen boosting! The Ussera Deep Shot uses high frequency to help stimulate collagen naturally for our skin to regain elasticity and maintain a healthier texture. This device is a deeper treatment since it uses dual energy from ultrasound and high frequency microcurrent.

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