Skincare Over 40 | Korean Morning Skincare Ritual

Smiling Middle-Aged Woman - "Skincare Over 40 - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual"

March 19, 2021

Skincare Over 40 | Korean Morning Skincare Ritual

In our 40s following a Korean morning skincare routine benefits the healthy aging process by protecting skin from the damage caused by free radicals and maximizing hydration to avoid wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – Korean beauty (or KBeauty) isn’t about spending money on expensive products, but about skin-preserving methods and techniques. It can be simple and realistic for your lifestyle. Making it a part of your health routine only takes 10 minutes in the morning. See how your skin will transform!

My 7 step morning beauty rituals

Start with the morning ritual – no need to buy any new products, just use the ones you already have and I will show you what I am currently using.

  1. Start with warm barley tea. This was like my water or milk growing up. Barley is known to detox and cleanse the system. Especially first thing in the morning, I would always start with a warm glass. Cold water was believed to be too harsh and a shock to the system.
  2. Start with washing your face with water only. No soap or cleanser because my face tends to be dry. Sometimes if my face feels and looks a bit dull, I would use a gentle foaming wash with some scrubs so that the face is primed for better skincare absorption (Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam). Or if your face feels grimy and oily when waking up then use a low Ph balanced cleanser. Finish with a cold splash to tighten pores.
  3. Next HYDRATION toner – double layer. First layer is applied using a thin cotton pad. Then splash on using palms. This helps lock in the layers of moisture. Any toner is fine. I prefer ones that are high in moisture and NO ALCOHOL content.
  4. ESSENCE: this and sun protection is considered the most important skincare step. Use your fingertips – uses less product, controls application than your palms. Always apply this as the second step because essence molecules are smaller so if you apply a thicker moisturizer, then it risks the essence not being able to penetrate into the skin.I use 2 at the moment because during the winter, my skin needs something richer and I love essences. (Vitamin C serum and Nature Republic Silk) CIRCULAR MOTIONS Koreans love circles -when applying products, always move your fingertips in circular motions. This promotes blood circulation and results in an overall glow. This is the best way to remove makeup rather than wiping and tugging. NEVER TUG THE SKIN
  5. SUN PROTECTION: I tend to overdo this step and apply 2 layers of sunscreen.
  6. MOISTURIZER – to combat the winter dryness, I finish off with a moisturizer. Not too fixated on a brand. Having this final barrier helps protect from the elements.
  7. MIST – carry a mist in your purse, the heater from cars and offices can really break down the skin’s outer layer resulting in wrinkles. Also keep a humidifier at the desk during the day and at night.

Not meant to be intimidating. 7 steps may seem a lot, but Once it becomes a part of your routine, it can be done in less than 10 minutes. The skin transformation will be worth it!

It is a part of embracing aging and caring for yourself – just the same as eating organics and exercising.


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Morning Tea
organic barley tea - Korean morning skincare ritual

100% Organic Barley Tea

10g X 30 Unbleached Teabags, Sugar Free, Caffeine
Morning Cleanser
Corsx Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual


Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Innisfree Jeju Pore Cleansing Foam - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual


Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam

La Neige Skin Refiner Cream - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual


Cream Skin Refiner

Neogen Naturals Dermology White Truffle Serum - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual

NeoGen Dermology

White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop or

Missha Time Revolution - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual

Missha Revolution

Time The First Treatment Essence
Vitamin C Serum
Bottle of Tia'm My Signature C Source Serum - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual


My Signature C Source 20% Vitamin C concentration – also contains niacinamide which is known to promote firmness of the skin

Beautycounter All Bright C Serum - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual


Counter+ All Bright C Serum 10% Vitamin C concentration VEGAN, NOT ANIMAL TESTED, also contains turmeric which helps with getting the skin glow

Boo Bamboo Natural Sunscreen SPF40 - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual

Boo Bamboo Suncare

Natural Sunscreen with Bamboo Extract SPF 40

Beautycounter Countersun  Mineral Sunscreen Lotion - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual


Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30
Nature Republic Shea Butter - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual


Shea Butter Fresh Steam Cream

Pyunkang Yul Facial Mist Toner - Morning Korean Skincare Ritual by mein40

Pyunkang Yul

Mist Toner or
Hanyul Pure Artemisia Fresh Calming Mist - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual by mein40


Pure Artemisia Fresh Calming Mist
Innisfree Green Tea Facial Mist - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual by mein40


Green Tea Mineral Mist
Coverage Makeup
Etude House Face Blur SPF - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual

Etude House

Beauty Shot Face Blur 35g SPF33

HERA UV Mist Cushion Cover - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual


UV Mist Cushion Cover SPF50+ Vanilla Cover

Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector - Korean Morning Skincare Ritual

BECCA Cosmetics

Under Eye Brightener & Color Corrector
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